My Favorite Music of 2015

I remember when music fully impacted me. I think it was 2 years ago; I was used to the usual songs on the radio and they were good most of the time. I finally found out about the music apps you could get on your phone, so I started using Pandora. Listening to the music, I finally found out about the genre Alternative Music. I was so excited to hear these new songs because you never heard these songs on the radio. I liked Alternative and Indie music because they had a unique way of singing and the song’s had a meaning to it other than getting the girl or boy. I’m not saying that the music on the radio is bad; it’s just nice to listen to something else once in a while.Crybaby

I think my favorite album right now would be Melanie Martinez’ ‘Crybaby’. It’s SO good! Ever since I heard it on Spotify, I’ve been listening to it all the time. The lyrics are so true but they have a dark twist to them. The rhythm is awesome and catchy and how it’s all based on one topic just makes it even better! I can’t tell you how much I’m in love with this album; I’m not even afraid to listen to all the songs until they get old—because they won’t! My favorite songs on the album are probably ‘Teddy Bear’, ‘Play Date’, ‘Alphabet Boy’, ‘Mad Hatter’, and ‘Mrs. Potato Head’.'Sounds Good, Feels Good' by 5 Seconds of Summer

Even though I haven’t gotten to listen to the whole album of ‘Sounds Good, Feels Good’ by 5 Seconds of Summer yet because I don’t have enough money to pre-order the album ),:, I already know it’s going to sound great. I’ve listened to ‘Fly Away’ and ‘She’s Kinda’ Hot’, and of course they’re awesome! I’m so proud of how far the boys have come this past year and I can’t wait to hear more of their music. From their past albums though, I think my favorite songs would probably be ‘Wrapped around Your Finger’, ‘Rejects’, and ‘Voodoo Doll’.Two Door Cinema Club

 I’m really sad that they’ve stopped making new songs and I’m not exactly sure if they’re ever going to again, but Two Door Cinema Club has really good music from the past. They’re indie rock, so they have mellow lyrics but pretty serious guitar skills. I like ‘What You Know’, ‘Undercover Martyn’, ‘Something Good Can Work’, ‘I Can Talk’, and ‘Eat That Up, It’s Good For You’.BlurryFace

 I can now see why so many people love Twenty One Pilots! It’s like a mixture between rap, rock, and punk. Their newest album BlurryFace is really good; it reminds me of my old emo phase in 2nd grade (;. My favorites are ‘Doubt’, ‘Stressed Out’, and ‘Tear in My Heart’.Cashmere Cat

 One of my favorite dance albums would probably be Cashmere Cat. I would describe it as psychedelic dance music with no lyrics. I like listening to it while exercising, writing, or choreographing dance numbers in my head (yes, I’m one of those people who like to pretend I’m in a movie when I’m listening to music/:, but doesn’t everyone do that?) I love ‘Rice Rain’, ‘Pearls’, ‘Kiss Kiss’, ‘With Me’, ‘Wedding Bells’, and ‘Mirror Maru’.

Other songs like ‘679’ by Fetty Wap, ‘Where Ya’ At’ by Future featuring Drake, Cage the Elephant’s ‘Come a Little Closer’, and Alessia Cara’s single ‘Here’ are some other really good songs as well. There’s a lot more songs, but then this post would go on forever! Music is awesome because there are so many different types that appeal to different people, and it’s another way of showing your personality. I hope you guys want to check out these songs because they are really good! Literally, music is bae (;.




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