Fall Favorites

As you know from my previous ‘Fall is Here’ post when the season first started, I have a love for autumn that nothing can replace. I feel like after October and Halloween pass, everybody forgets that November is still a ‘fall’ season, and December is when winter starts in the United States. For example; I was flipping through channels on the radio in the car, when we stopped on one of the channels that was already playing Christmas music! Crazy, I know (;. Now, I have nothing against people getting in the holiday spirit early, but my opinion is that November needs some limelight as well. After reading this, hopefully you’ll feel the same way.

Something that happens every November for us is my sister’s birthday. This year it was her 16th birthday, so we wanted to make sure she had a great time. For my gift, I gave her an ITunes gift card and some Boys Who Cry tickets that I made myself. It sounds weird, but if you get the SpongeBob reference, it’s really funny.  Happy Birthday MiReina!

Another thing I really love is how many days we get off this month in school. During November, we only have one whole week of school, which is awesome! If only it could be like this all school year.

With every season comes many different styles of clothing, but I’d have to say fall is my favorite. My fashion sense is mostly minimalist, but really I just love good fashion. For fall, I usually go for different shades of reds, black, white, gray, and some green. I like minimalist clothing because it’s very clean and doesn’t look too crowded and you can always spice it up with accessories. My favorite clothing brands right now would be Adidas, Forever 21, H&M, and Pacsun. I don’t wear too much makeup, but I like to use mascara and highlighter for a subtle glow (not like an ACTUAL highlighter (;.) For my eyebrows, I use an eyebrow pencil just to give my brows a cleaner arch and I don’t draw them in too much so they’re still natural-looking. When I do dress up, I like to use a bit of eyeliner and a dark matte lip. I like to experiment with makeup because it’s another way to express yourself and it’s sort of an art when you think about it.

Music is something I love throughout every season; really, I wouldn’t know what to do if music didn’t exist. I really love 5 Seconds of Summer’s new album they released October 23 ‘Sounds Good Feels Good.’ It shows how much they’ve improved since their last album, and I can’t say how much I’m loving their new sound. My favorites off their album would be ‘Invisible,’ ‘Waste the Night,’ ‘Castaway,’ ‘Safety Pin,’ ‘Outer Space/Carry On,’ and ‘San Francisco.’ Troye Sivan’s ‘Wild’ and ‘Blue Neighborhood’ sounds incredible. I love ‘Ease’ and ‘Talk Me Down.’ ‘Renee’ by Sales, the album ‘Too’ by Fidlar, ‘Currents’ by Tame Impala, and other artists like Phoenix, Passion Pit, Empire of the Sun, Twenty One Pilots, Panic at the Disco, and anything with Melanie Martinez are also my favorites.

Of course, food and Thanksgiving is something I’m always looking forward to. I love Apple Cider, and I really need to try a Pumpkin Spiced Latte. During this time, I really love Sweet Potatoes with brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon (yummm.) Don’t get me started on mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving; making good mashed potatoes is an easy way to win my heart <3. And really anything with chocolate makes for a good holiday.

Let me know what you do for Thanksgiving, or what you like to do when fall comes around; I’d really love to hear what you guys like to do!



Amani Hoyle




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