My Trip to Florida!

Hello everyone! So back in October, my family took a trip to Florida to watch my dad perform and check out DisneyWorld and some other attractions. Of course, my sister and I were SUPER excited because we’ve never been to DisneyWorld and we couldn’t wait to see what it was about. I apologize for not posting this earlier, but I hope you can enjoy it now! 

After we landed in Florida, we knew the first stop to go was Disney Springs and then Universal Studios the day after. 

We first visited Universal Hollywood, which I thought was funny because the Universal Studios in California is trying to be like Florida and the Universal in Florida was trying to be Hollywood! But anyway, we visited the ‘stars’ and of course I had to stop for my girl Audrey.
It was pretty cool to see the real-life mystery machine! Of course it was groovy as ever!
Finally, we reached Hogwarts! I have to say, I’ve never watched any of the Harry Potter books or movies, but when we entered the world of Hogwarts, I felt like a literal wizard! Now I see why people get so excited over getting ‘accepted’ into Hogwarts. My sister and I were planning on moving into the castle and taking pictures of probably ‘everything.’ Plus, the butter beer was amazing! Even though I was sad they don’t sell it anywhere else, it’s definetly something to be kept for Hogwarts only; to add to the experience (;. Universal Florida definitely met my expectations and a little more! 

Now we finally reach DisneyWorld! Unlike outside of the park, which was either rainy or really humid (it was terrible for my hair /:,) it was completely sunny and besides the humidity, it wasn’t bad weather WITHIN the park. 

  The beautiful castle in all of its glory! It was so pretty up close, but I was bummed we couldn’t go inside and I don’t have that kind of money to be able to, but I still enjoyed it. 

  I really got hooked on the Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches they sold at the snack stands. Here’s a picture of me mid-chew/laugh (;. 

  I met my love Goofy as well! I always worry that I’ll be awkward when I take pictures with Disney characters, but this one actually turned out well! Cheers Goof!

  Ending our day at Magic Kingdom, we watched the fireworks show and it was pretty magical (not trying to be cheesy.) I was really embracing my inner child and not being the awkward teen that I am (:. 

 After visiting The Animal and Magic Kingdom, we went to Epcot. I was thinking that Epcot was going to be more appealing to adults and not be as entertaining, but it was actually interesting! We saw places like the United Kingdom (picture above,) and Japan, which was one of my favorites. I also tried some other diverse food choices; I swear, they must add some magic in their food as well because everything tastes so good! I got the Spicy Udon from Japan and I’m still craving it. Though I regretted wearing Converse and black jeans in the Florida heat, it’s something I won’t forget.
  We got to watch my dad and his singing group, ‘The Mighty Sensations’ perform and it was great! It was our first time seeing them and I couldn’t be more proud of my dad! They did an awesome job! Plus great choreography (;.

  I’m really grateful I get to experience these kinds of things and I would love to do it again! I have extreme wanderlust, so I love experiencing these new places and getting my own personal experience with others as well! It was definitely one of the happiest places on Earth!



P.S. I’m really craving that Butterbeer and Udon right now…


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  1. myqueen · December 10, 2015

    great pictures
    can’t wait for the next post💋


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