Winter Essentials 2015

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Holidays to everybody! 

‘Tis the season to be spreading lots of joy and generousity towards others! I’ve been trying to be nice all year (yes, I’ve been naughty here and there but that’s besides the point (;.) With winter comes fuzzy Christmas sweaters, gifts, cookies and sweets, and amazing-smelling lotions! Throughout my holiday season, I like to use these items to make the Christmas time a good time!

I love any fragrance vanilla-based because it’s a very light and warm scent. So I got the Demeter Fragrance ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’ and Bath and Body’s ‘Vanilla Bean Noel’ lotion. The perfume smells amazing and it lasts long so I don’t have to spray it over and over again. The lotion has a really warm and strong scent, so a little goes a very long way!

Winter is cold. So when it gets cold, so do the floors. So I need something that’ll keep my toes warm. I use my knit socks from Wet Seal to do just that! They’re so cute and match my style perfectly!

Here’s the Christmas sweater! My mom was actually pregnant with me when she wore this, so we wear  it every year as our tradition.

(Photo credit to MiReina) 

It’s always exciting once you hear the Christmas music start to play on the radio because it really sets the holiday mood. Besides the traditional songs, I like ‘Dear Santa’ by Mr. Little Jeans. She’s one of my favorite indie artists and I love how this song is a mixture of modern and 50’s soda pop at the same time. If you like Lana Del Rey, then you you’ll probably like her.

I love wearing a dramatic eye in the winter because it really draws attention. I stick with the basics like mascara, blue or brown eyeshadows, highlighter, and sometimes a cat eye. 


I usually finish the look with my Forever 21 ‘Nude Beige’ lipstick or my Matte Lipstick from Ulta so I match the holiday season!


I love making a Hot Apple Cider or ordering the Winter Dream Tea Latte from Coffee Bean to warm up in this cold weather.


This year I made some Peanut Butter GingerBread Men for my friends to show that I care. I hope everybody enjoyed them! Click here for the recipe!

 Remember not to get distracted by all of the commercialized Christmas things and to keep in mind the real reason is for generousity and to be around those who you care about….and food….definitely food (;. Happy Holidays!





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