What I Got for My Birthday 2016! 

Hello Guys! First off, I’ve been MIA for pretty much the whole month of January, I apologize. But Happy Belated New Year! Even though it’s kind of sad to leave 2015 behind, I’m ready for the good things to come of this year! Starting off with my birthday! I had a get-together with my friends, and they got me some awesome gifts! 

Disclaimer: A lot of Lush (:

 After waking up from the sound of party poppers, I was surprised with balloons and very nice birthday cards from my Mom and Sister. My Sister got me these candles that smell like yummy chocolate. Immediately after we started burning the candles, I got an immense craving for See’s candy! Gracias, Sister (;.

  My friend Jazmine got me a Lush gift card so I could buy anything I wanted from there. Not gonna lie, I think this is the most gorgeous-looking gift card I’ve seen from any store. Thanks Jazzy!

  From Natalee, she got me a gift card to Forever 21 and Swedish Fish, that we’ve pretty much already finished (:. Thank you Nat!

  (Guys, more Lush!) Michelle got me a bath bomb and some Hello Panda cookies. I used to be obsessed with the chocolate-filled Hello Pandas, and I know I’m going to finish these real quick! I pretty much love anything from Asia, so thanks Yangers! 

  There can never be enough Lush (;.    

  Desmarie got me a “Sakura” Bath Bomb and it smells SO GOOD!

  She also got me the “Rose Jam Bubbleroon” Bubble Bar that smells pretty bomb as well and looks amazing. I’m so excited to try it and see how it looks in the bath. I’m glad that my friends know how obsessed I am with Lush. Not only because of their beautiful products, but of how they maintain their company and try to encourage the fact that they use natural ingredients. I really hope they remain this way!(: Thanks Whitesides!

  My Dad got me this cute coin purse from Sam Edelman, and inside were tickets to go see 5 Seconds of Summer this September with my friend Sarah! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see them with her! Thank you Mom and Dad!        

   This isn’t the best photo, sorry, but I’m really excited to use this in the summer! My dad also got me this mermaid tail from FinFun and it looks super cool! Get ready to see a lot of photos of Mermaid ‘Mani (;.

  I had such a good time with everyone! I loved reading the funny cards you all gave me, and I really appreciate you writing them for me. I’m excited to use my gifts and the birthday money and I’m very glad that this new year was able to start out great!






One comment

  1. my queen · February 2, 2016

    happy birthday
    can’t wait for your next post


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