Trying Something New

DISCLAIMER: I’d suggest reading this while listening to some thought-provoking music (;

I want to try something new on this blog. I usually get my blog ideas late at night; and lately, I’ve been thinking about how I’m developing as a person and how the world is changing around me. As I get older, I realize there’s more to life than just worrying about what I’m going to wear to school tomorrow even though this still happens (:. I see kids that are younger than me, and it makes me feel kind of sad sometimes. I’m going to sound like an old man when I say this, but I remember when I was that age. I remember when I didn’t feel guilty about eating too many Strawberry Frosted Poptarts, or I didn’t worry about wearing a poofy skirt with knee-high socks in public. Even though I am still very much in my youth, I feel like I’ve done so much in my life. Even as a kid, my mom would say I was mature. I think that I’ve always thought big and I wanted to do big things. Adults still tell me to “enjoy my youth, because once it’s gone, it’s gone.” I usually just brush it off when they tell me, but they’re not lying. I can never get back my first grade year, and I can never get back yesterday. I don’t want to be a downer, but it gets so overwhelming to think about. Time seems to fly by when you don’t want it to, and you can never be in control of it. I guess this is a good thing because it makes you value every moment you have on this Earth. Even though I miss my childhood, I can’t wait for my future. I’ve started to watch what I eat and ease up on the sugar and salt (it’s so hard /:.) I’m working out more and recently, I’ve been wearing my hair natural and letting my African/Mexican curls loose! I’m just so ready for big opportunities to come my way and just to enjoy every bit of my life, even the depressing moments. I’ll stop rambling on, but this is just what I had on my mind and I wanted to change up the flow of this blog. Let me know your thoughts on taking on your life and if you like this style of writing,  I will gladly write like this more often. Anyway, since you’ve come this far, you’re a trooper and thanks for listening to me rant (;.



P.S. I wanna make these posts a thing on my blog!



  1. myqueen · March 10, 2016

    hope you do more post like this too
    you do such a great job
    up keeping your blog


  2. Anonymous · March 8, 2016


    You are so amazing! You just keep being the beautiful person that you are. Follow God and your heart and everything will work out for the best!💖


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