My Adventures of Spring Break

Happy Easter everyone! If you celebrate the holiday or you don’t, I hope everyone has a wonderful day and does something great that could help you and others! Easter is what usually ends my Spring Break, but I have to say that this week was definetly not wasted. 

At first, I was a little bummed because we weren’t going out of the state that I live in, and I really wanted to explore another new area; but we found some exciting things that made this staycation great!

I started off the week going on a morning run with my friend Michelle. I’ve started to try to live a healthier lifestyle and doing things to keep me in shape, which has helped me to feel better about myself and feel a lot happier! After our run, we got some Jamba Juice, where I think I’ve found my favorite smoothie from them yet (it’s the Acai Berry SuperCharger on the left if you were interested (;) 

We decided to visit Death Valley and we got to see a part of The Big Bloom and get to take pictures with my Polaroid. It was a little windy, but so amazing to see. 

 Our next stop in Death Valley was the Amargosa Opera House. It looked like nothing was there to see at first, but when we stopped and checked it out, we saw that they were still doing plays and we got to have a tour of the theater by the lead dancer in the play herself! I won’t spoil it for you how it looks inside (hint: it’s gorgeous) if you’re interested, but if you’re around the area, definetly stop and give the appreciation this place deserves.

   Finally on our journey in Death Valley, we stopped at a secluded art museum where an artist made an eerie but beautiful portrayal of The Last Supper. Even after seeing it, you still had so many questions and it left you wanting to know more. There was many other amazing pieces of art there that I definetly admired!
   The next adventure was my family, and my friend Abbie and I explored downtown. We love admiring the pieces of art over there and enjoying the day. The last picture is a heart filled with locks from people (photo credit to Abbie.) Thanks for exploring with me, Abbie!


We then got to visit Lake Mead and Boulder City, and take some cool photos. The water wasn’t too cold and there were a surprisingly large amount of ladybugs over there near the water! Even though, I kept stepping on the large rocks, my feet got really smooth(=. We then visited the Marina and fed the fish and ducks bread (I’ve never seen fish fight so hard for a piece of bread.) 

 Driving back through the desert, listening to “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears, seemed like a great way to end the day. I felt so calm and excited at the same time, and also very tired{=. 

  It felt amazing getting to  experience all of this and I’m really glad we did. I was worried about having a boring Spring Break, but I stand corrected. I’ll miss it, but I’m ready for more amazing things in my future.

Till’ next time.





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