ButterBeer, Beach Waves, and 2-Hour Lines 

So here I am.

Back on another journey.

This time, my Concert Choir class took a weekend trip to go see many sites in Anaheim, California. It was an exhausting 3 days, but the sleep deprivation was worth it.

Our first stop: Huntington Beach.

It’s been a year since I’ve gone to the beach, so I definetly missed the cold, California water.

Once the sun was going down, we joined some of the choir kids and played some volleyball, even though we weren’t the best at it.

I wanted to become a true Californian, so I bought one of those detoxifying, oh-wow-it’s-so-good-for-you sorta’ drinks. This one was Charcoal Coconut Lemonade with Agave Nectar from a little juice bar near the beach. First of all, IT WAS MY FAVORITE COLOR (Black), and it wasn’t too bad. I felt healthy af drinking it.

We finally ended our beach trip watching the sun go down at the beach and pretty much our whole choir went to go sing with a guitarist playing at the beach. I think this was my favorite day out of the whole trip because it seemed like that was the day the whole choir bonded and we all just had a really good time hanging out with each other. I guess you could say it was sort of a kumbaya moment.
Next stop: Universal Studios.

So let me just get started by saying really the only reason I was all for it going on this trip, was because I really wanted to go to the new Hogwarts in California. Like, I REALLY wanted to go and get Butterbeer again. If you’ve read my past post , I’ve already gotten to visit Hogwarts in Florida, which made me feel like a wizard. Visiting Hogwarts was pretty neat in California, but since I’ve already seen it before, it felt like seeing an old friend again.
My buddies and I all waited in the SUPER long line for the godly treat of Butterbeer. We got the frozen version, which is what I got last time. The taste is something you have to try yourself because it is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ishly good {=.
So this donut. THIS DONUT. First of all, it was adorable and looked pretty similar to the actual Simpson Lard Lad donut. My homie Sarah and I shared it, and we still couldn’t finish it. So we gave it to some of the kids on our bus back to the hotel. (Homer looking at my donut, though (;)

So yea, Universal was pretty great. We got to eat massive pink doughnuts, drink heavenly Butterbeer, be asked trivia questions by the employees while we wait for a broken ride, and smile awkwardly in this photo while the girl in the back is posing for paparazzi (=.
Last stop: Knott’s Berry Farm.

So this was my first time ever going to Knott’s Berry Farm, and to be honest, I wish I got to experience more.

So when we got to Knott’s, my friends and I saw the Silver Bullet and immediately wanted to go on it; and then we saw the line. We ended up waiting in line anyway, for 2 HOURS. Our awards ceremony for choir was at 5:30, so we only got to go on one ride. I think the Silver Bullet was worth going on, I was just bummed that we only got to go on one ride.
On the bright side, we got to have funnel cake with strawberries (‘=.

And on the other bright side, we won superior in Concert Choir and Madrigal Choir, and first place also in Overall Best Choir. It was neat.

So Knott’s Berry Farm was a whole bunch of mixed emotions. We didn’t get to experience much, but I still screamed and laughed my head off on the Silver Bullet, which didn’t feel too great afterwards.
This trip of course wasn’t flawless, but I still had such a great time with some good people. I’m really glad our choir bonded over the trip, and I think I finally had that sense that we were a family (cliche, I know.) I get kind of sad because I really miss the moments I got to experience and I wish I could always feel so carefree like I did in California. But I’ll get over it, don’t worry. Besides, I got more things coming in the future (;.

Till’ next time.



P.S. Here’s a lil’ clip of our trip my friend Sarah made!



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  2. The Vegas Guy · May 7, 2016



    “I WANT WINNERS!! Can’t do it…Won’t do it!” M.S.



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