“Oh the Places I’ll Go…”


So after 9 months of stress, anxiety, and endless amounts of assignments, I can happily say that summer has officially arrived! My final year in middle school seemed to go by super quick, and it definitely had its moments of frustration and excitement.

This was my last year with my choir teacher, Ms. Houchens, and I wasn’t expecting to feel so sad leaving her class and not having her as a teacher anymore. I remember watching some madrigal students that were in our class sing at their performance, and it just made me think how much we’ve all grown as people over these 3 years. I just felt so happy to share memories with these kids, and it made me sad in a good way when I realized all of this. Every year, we have a spring concert, which I ended up crying at even though I tried really hard not to. My teacher also reads “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Suess, at the end of each year. It didn’t really phase me when she read the story my first two years, but of course, this year it was different because I knew I was leaving. When she was starting to end the story, I felt my face get all warm and I did that ‘trying not to cry’ thing, which made it worse. I even tried pinching the bridge of my nose because I read that that helps you to stop crying, which I was lied to. So yep, I ended up crying along with my friend and mostly every other 8th grader. I guess it just made me happy that I’ve gotten to meet such nice people and do some awesome things with my class over the years, and it gave me so much pride and nostalgia. So again, thanks Ms. Houchens for those 3 crazy years.

I have to say, if there’s one thing that my school has taught me, it would be how to just be myself and not take everything so seriously. In my first year, I thought that I was such an outsider and that I’ll always feel alone, but now I’ve found people that I really enjoy being around. It’s crazy to think that I’ve had some of my friends for 3 years, and others I’ve had for just these 9 months, but I’m already so close to them. I’ve also become really happy with myself and really proud of most of the things I’ve gotten to do. Like, I was able to go to Hogwarts, TWICE. Every once in a while, I’ll feel alone, but sometimes I’m glad I get to be alone. It gives me time to recharge and I usually get my best ideas when I’m alone. It’s always good to be…

Like I always say in my other posts, it sucks to leave old things behind like my school, but I know that growing up helps me get to experience amazing things. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.





P.S. Summer…Summer…Summer…Summer…

(Hope you guys get that reference >.<)









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