Escaping the Heat 

As it gets more and more into the middle of summer, it becomes more unbearable to go outside. Like, it’s pretty much 100 degrees and higher until 8:00 at night. So, to actually get out of the house and to not be a homebody, we decided to take a drive up to Mt. Charleston.

We got lunch at the local diner, and it was SUPER packed; families with squirrely kids, adults surrounding the bar, and a duet singing 70’s songs peppered the restaurant. We were seated next to the windows, and got to enjoy the vast forest landscape. As you can see, they had bird feeders strung about, and I got to take this quick shot of a hummingbird going in for a sip.

I ordered the Bruschetta and for dessert, Creme Brûlée. I love cracking the sugary coat on top, but I was a little surprised that it was cold in the middle. But overall, preetty good!

After lunch, we walked around the trail near to us, and took some nice nature shots. It felt AMAZING to not be in the burning heat and helped me to remember what normal weather actually felt like. Here’s me looking interested in something behind me.

…And here’s my sister being a model (;.

My phone couldn’t catch the shimmer of the spiderweb very well, but where we stood, the sun shined through the web, making it glimmer. I may be afraid of spiders, but their webs are pretty neat.

Cheeky little pic of my shoe game, even though my shoes are freaking dusty+the color is rubbing off.

We enjoyed the wind passing through the trees, making them shudder. My mom said that it reminded her of Pocahontas. It was like the ‘colors of the wind,’ with the leaves being blown in the wind, causing them to shimmer like sequins. It was refreshing to actually see some nature that wasn’t being scorched by the sun. But only a month left, and we’re off to fall people!!!




  1. Hey It'z A · August 1, 2016

    Amani…hangin’ out with you and your sister is always cool! I love you two with all my heart! Mom


  2. Anonymous · July 28, 2016

    beautiful pictures amani
    you can tell you put a lot of work into everything on your blog
    thanks for the cameo
    can’t wait for your next post


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