Finishing a Sketchbook

Song: Hills by Edward Vanzet


It’s been about two years since I stopped drawing. During those two years, I thought it was ‘weird’ that I liked to draw and that it wasn’t ‘cool’, which was RIDICULOUS. I regret ever thinking that and trying to define myself as ‘cool’ and not do the things that I love. I wanted to excel  in art, so I made it a priority to finish a sketchbook by the end of this summer, and I’ve accomplished it!

Here’s a couple pictures of the sketches I made:

I was trying to figure out different shapes of lips and noses, and the anatomy of hands, legs, and feet, which are the most difficult for me to draw.

I was reading a book called the Night Circus, and the imagery within it inspired me to draw a concept of how I think some of the characters in the book would look like. I’d definitely suggest reading the book for yourself!

When I was younger, I was more into drawing manga-style art, but now I’m trying to draw more of a  realistic cartoon style. I also like drawing portraits of people I see. It helps me to understand anatomy more and it’s pretty cool to see how well you portrayed the person you are drawing in your own art form.

Some other lil’ sketches I’ve made((:

I also like to write stories and then draw the characters that I created in my writing. This also helps in my creative process to imagine how’d they look so I can add more personality to their personas. (This is pretty much what I’ve been doing most of the summer guys…)

I’m really glad I’ve started drawing again because I’ve realized that it’s definetly a passion of mine and I could see myself doing it as a career. It also helps me relax and puts my worries on paper, which is usually when I make my best work. I’m still learning new techniques and art styles, but when I feel more confident in how I draw, I’d definetly love to let you guys know neat tips on how to draw easier and realizing what’s a comfortable art concept for you. Off to the next sketchbook!



P.S. Art’s pretty rad, dude.

P.P.S. These are all of my drawings, so if you were to post them on another social outlet, please give ya girl credit. K thanks bb!



  1. Anonymous · August 8, 2016

    I know you won’t read this but I’m gong to keep commenting anyways
    keep up the good work
    💋 you know who


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