Sounds Good, Feels Good in Irvine

Rewind to 10 months ago. There you’ll find 8th grade newbie Amani; sitting in the backseat of my mom’s car, watching my sister practice driving for her license. I see my phone screen light up with a text message. It’s my friend Sarah. She sent me a screenshot of 5 Seconds of Summer Sounds Live Feels Live tour dates and locations. I look through the dates and see that they’re aren’t performing in our state. We text frantically back and forth to each other, trying to figure out how we can see them. Putting it out in the open, one of us suggests that we go see them in the closest city near us, and my dad bought me a ticket. That’s where the Irvine trip was born.

This was my first ever trip going out of town with one of my friends, so of course, it was pretty special to me. I was excited to go see the concert with my bud, and even though this was about my third time seeing them live, it was Sarah’s first.

Sept. 3


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It was a pretty quick plane ride to Irvine. We planned on meeting up with Sarah’s family when they drove there. I always get excited when I get on planes since I know I’m going somewhere new, but it was absolutely amazing when we flew over the clouds and it was like they melded into a fluffy, white blanket (kind of like my Ikea comforter (;.) Whenever we fly up that high in the sky, it always astonishes me how small everything actually is and how close we are to one another; it felt like it took only a couple minutes to fly out of the desert into California, with only the mountains dividing us. We gradually descended into California, which got us caught in the mass of clouds. Though this was a small occurrence, I have to say that this was one of my favorite moments from the trip. It was just so awesome to feel like you’re inside of a cloud, when the popular belief is that clouds were solid like cotton balls, and yet they’re like passing your hand through a dense vapor. But anyway, I’ll stop ‘clouding’ over the rest of the details of the trip (;.

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It was about breakfast time when we landed in Irvine, so I decided to try a Lox bagel for the first time. It’s pretty good with capers, yet the salmon’s a bit on the salty side.

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I actually wasn’t all that surprised to see this in front of Target.

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We visited the Union Market, which is a building filled with a variety of vendors selling their products ranging from an ice cream shop to a clothing and décor store. They had pretty much everything for your hipster needs. My dad and I bought a couple of nice candles that smelled exactly like what they were named. If you don’t believe me, if you ever head on down to the Union Market, check out the Artisan Candle Company’s ‘Campfire’ candle. Trust me; I took a quick whiff of it and it instantly reminded of sitting out by a campfire eating S’mores with my cousins in Colorado.

Still with a lot of the day ahead of us, we went to an Arts and Food Festival where I got to get a corn on the cob for free, and it was SOOOO good. I added cheese, mayo, lime, and chili salt, and I should have taken a picture, but I ate it too quickly.

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There was an antique shop at the festival with some cool finds. It doesn’t get any more iconic than finding a Captain Kirk plate for sale.


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These vintage kiddie rollerblades were just the cutest.


Later on, we met up with Sarah and her family at Huntington Beach to watch the sunset and grab a bite to eat.


So the most marvelous thing happened that night. The whole day I had been craving bao buns, which are those glorious Korean steamed buns that taste how I would imagine a cloud would taste like (again with the clouds, Amani.) My dad suggested we try Duke’s, a Hawaiian restaurant right next to Huntington Pier. We sat down and once I was handed the menu, I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw that they had bao buns! It was honestly such a dream come true, and I have to say that those were the best steamed buns I’ve had so far. I need to learn how to make them myself.


No words. Just none.

Sept. 4


On the day of the concert, Sarah and I went down to Laguna Beach to hang out near the beach and look at some of the local art. It was a nice place, but I was surprised to see that it was so small. It got a bit claustrophobic at times, but it was certainly an experience.


Concert time! We got there pretty early, and even still, the line was stretching far beyond the trees at the venue. It was giving me flashbacks of the Butterbeer line at Hogwartz. Luckily when the line started moving, I built up enough courage to ask these two cool girls if we could jump in line with them. I was so happy when they said yes, and also really tired since it took so much out of me to actually speak up. So thanks, Peyton and Taylor!


I had no doubt that the concert would be amazing! The boys had told us that this was their most packed show on this tour, which was crazy to see how their music has grown. During the show, Calum asked us if any of us had been waiting for a year to see them, which Sarah and I have. It took us so long to see them, and yet it went by so fast. I still have post concert depression from that concert and the Twenty One Pilots one ):.

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The whole trip went by so quickly, but I had such a great time with my dad, Sarah, and her family. I hope I’m able to do more trips like these again in the future. Thanks for being such a great traveling buddy, Pops and Sarah!

Till’ next time.





P.S. We almost lost our voices from the all the screaming at the concert. It was a good time (;.


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