What Makes Words Matter?

This is a question I have for you and myself. What is it that makes a word or sentence so resonating that it stays with you forever?

Oohhhh yes guys, it’s getting deep.

I would wonder about this when I was little. I never really understood how the English language came to be or where it really came from. I would think about how once you say a phrase over and over again, the word would feel strange to say; as if it had lost its meaning or power. It also boggles my mind that we may not all speak the same language, yet all words mostly have the same universal meaning.

Perhaps it’s not the word you are using that has meaning or causes you to feel such an emotion, but more on the memories that assimilate to that word. Maybe you like the word ‘cider’ because it reminds you of that one autumn day. Maybe you’re fond of the word ‘fuzzy’ because that’s how someone can make you feel. Or another word that could have changed your whole life; good, bad, or indifferent.

Some of my favorite words?

‘Wander’ because it reminds me that there’s more than just where I am.

‘Dream’ because it keeps my imagination rampant.

‘Feelings’ because it’s what I catch for people.

‘Giving’ because it’s what I should be and others as well.

‘Rainy’ because the weather is exciting.

‘Night’ because that’s when the best ideas come around.

‘Cookie’; just cuz’.

‘Stupid’ because that’s my sort of humor.

‘Vaporwave’ since it’s my favorite type of music.






















and I could really go on and on.

Maybe why I love words so much is because it gives me a visual on things that I look forward to, things that I remember, and for things to remind myself of. It helps me to imagine what my future could be.

But I want to know what your favorite words, word, or phrase is and how come. It doesn’t matter; it can be for a good or bad thing, put it down in the comments! I’d love to read them and see how those words resonate with you (:.








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