Setting Summer Goals, Being a Homebody, and Feeling Shtuck

Summer has finally reared it’s hot-headed attitude for the next couple of months, and I’m sure it’s absolutely SHOCKING that I despise it.

I should be more specific by saying I hate the summer in Nevada. The heat becomes nauseously unbearable, dozens of tourists roll in to “get lucky” and do the whole “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” spiel; just to go back on the plane hungover and sad, and the same SUMMER HIT songs play on repeat for the entirety of the summer season until they become obnoxious to hear. But what just IRKS me most of all is the feeling of getting stuck here. Trust me, there can be some beauty to Nevada, particularly at night; but knowing only this can really put a damper on your mood. I sound like a little selfish kid because I know my situation could be worse, but just imagine living in a state that’s been built off of people wasting their lives on gambling machines, drinking and eating to waste time, and getting heat warnings that are so hot you could literally cook eggs on the curb if you left them outside.  Sure if you come here once or twice, it’s like the entire place is always ‘alive’, no one sleeps. But stay here for more than a week, that glamour will slip away faster than a kid’s childhood here. Of course I still have imagination and being a ‘kid’ isn’t always that great since everything seems so false as you grow older, but let’s just say nothing surprises me anymore with all the ‘imagination’ we have here. Maybe it’s for the best that everything here is all thrown at you all at once so nothing can be left to leave you shocked.

Since there’s nothing I can really do about it at the moment, I’ve decided to set some goals to keep myself busy.

I don’t think we were planning on traveling much this summer, so I’ve set some goals for myself so I don’t go completely insane.

Uno: Post on Here Every Saturday.

I’ve been so lazy and unwilling to post on here lately, and it’s not that I’m deprived of any ideas; I just tend to get quite bitter during these months and I’m sure those aren’t the sort of reads that will make you ‘feel good.’ Nonetheless, I won’t let that stop me from writing, and I’m sure that some of you are in the same exact situation I’m in so you can surely relate.

Dos: Watch a Metaphorical Movie Every/Every Other Night.

This is one of my favorite because I’ve really been interested in figuring out the theme the Directors of movies are trying to portray through their works, and noting the little clues they leave in the cinematography. So far I’ve watched Neon Demon, Black Swan, Lars and the Real Girl, Catfish, (and Drive tonight!!) I’ve also been watching channels like Your Movie Sucks (YMS) and Film Herald on YouTube where they review and analyze thought-provoking films or ones that are infamously terrible. I really enjoy them so I say give em’ a watch in your free time.

Tres (MUY IMPORTANTE): Learn More Spanish and Other Languages!1!1

I’ve always felt guilty that I never really knew a lot of Spanish since I’m Hispanic and I really do want to delve into different languages since I’m aspiring to travel immensely in the future. I learned a bit from my high school Spanish class, but only a BIT so it’s my objective to learn even more. If there are any good ways of retaining languages please let me know if you see this!

Wish me luck on these endeavors and I WILL be back with another post by next Saturday!







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