Last-Minute Diptych

Diptych: a pair of similar images that convey the other to tell a story.


First of all, w0w! I already broke my promise within a week! I had totally forgotten that yesterday was Saturday and my dad had to remind me. Welp, I apologize but here I am with another post- a day late.

For My Freshman Year of High School, Our Final Assignment for Photo Class Was a Self- Portrait Diptych.

And once I actually learned what a diptych was my first idea was 1) RED and 2) Switching my clothes around. At first, I didn’t know where I was going with this and taking a self-portrait was quite difficult to execute, especially since I don’t own tripod. I also was conflicted on doing a glamour shot shoot or a primary color editorial shoot; but being currently obsessed with primary and all colors at the moment, I went with the primary shoot. (I had done something with black paint but we don’t mention that mess…)

My Theme for My Diptych was Self-Doubt.

We only had a short amount of time to make our photos and also be able to go in Photoshop and edit them to actually look like a diptych. I could go on a RANT about Bridge and Photoshop, but that’s for another time. Overall, even though my diptych was VERY last-minute; I think it showed the self-doubt and sometimes how ‘turned-around’ I can feel, while also giving it some pizzazz with the color and clothing. FAIR WARNING THOUGH: it’s really messy but I GOT ER’ DONE SO I’M PROUD.

Au Revoir! Hopefully I’ll actually post on Saturday next time!!





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