Jimmy Jams #2: That Kind of Growing Up Music

Your girl is back with some more bops to share with you all! I want to focus on some specific artists that I’ve been really adoring at the moment:


In Love With a Ghost

A good b e a t to listen to during this section ❤

I found out about ILWAG a while back in the year and let me tell you that it felt like getting cold water splashed on your face on a vERY HOT Vegas day. He mixes the everyday sounds of living with a sort of a video game RPG tone. He really knows how to display emotions through his music and every song seems fitting for an adventure. I enjoy listening to him when I’m just about to go to bed or just doing the ‘daily things’ I do around mi casa.



Here’s a little t a s t e of what’s in store!

Okay so I’ve been listening to Noname for almost a year now and I will have you know that I. Still. Can’t. Get. Over. Her. Rap is one of my favorite sounds of music but sometimes some rap songs feel like they’re not genuine or talks about getting black-out drunk or going to strip clubs (which living in Nevada, I’ve seen a lot of and it does not look fun.) But with Noname, her songs are about just growing up with family, how to cope with life and death, and celebrating but also showing the struggles that comes with growing up black. Her songs are realistic and can hit a nerve with anyone who comes across them and has a listen.



Some f u n k for ya.

This year I got really engrossed in listening to 80’s music from Japan. The beats were always so intoxicating and gives off that “night music” vibe, which I love. Suchmos is a more modern Japanese band that actually got their band name from Louis Armstrong’s nickname which was Satchmo. It’s very cool hearing a Japanese group take a swing at bringing back that jazzy, funk-style music while also giving it a new sound altogether.



Speaking of f u n k y dudes…

A friend of mine referred him to me a while back to introduce me to the “pit” that is Korean music. I say pit because it’s quite hard to get out of once you fall into it. At first I couldn’t really get into his music, but as I grew, and my music genre started to change to more R&B which I thought I would NEVER say, I realized how great of an artist he really is. His voice is relaxing and not harsh, The beat choice fits so well with every song. I’m still new to this genre of music, but kudos to the composers/mixers and to DEAN as well for making such bops!


Glass Animals

And l a s t but not least!

I think it’s been 3 years that I’ve been a supporter for Glass Animals. I know it’s cliché, but their songs are like flavors and every one has it’s own taste; it’s wonderful! Their songs leave you satisfied but still wanting more; an oxymoron I know. Just like with every good song, it makes me want to pack up my stuff and just travel, but when do I not feel like that?


I always love finding new music choices to listen to for any kind of mood. I’m currently listening to a lot of R&B, Merengue, K-pop, and Sad Rap as per usual and I’ve been really happy for the most part. Music is just so wonderful and helps me to create my best works, especially in drawing. If you ever need any recommendations feel free to start a conversation with me or just check out my Spotify Dagurlz02 for some new beats! Oh and go give these artists some love!


Happy Listening!!!










Jimmy Jams #1

So it’s been pretty much a year since I’ve shared my musical choices on this blog, and in some ways it’s changed quite a lot. Goodbye old angsty me and hello existential crisis Amani!

(And btw none of these songs are mine, just wanted to share these amazing artists with ya. No copyright plz and thx.)

For the longest time, I wasn’t a huge folk song kind of gal. I live in a very dry area, and listening to music like that made everything seem even more dry; it was like listening to saltine crackers (weird simile.) But now, the whole ‘dry’ music’s completely changed! Nowadays, listening to this sort of happy-go-lucky music makes me feel like having a warm cup-o-tea and go on a long road trip full of adventures. It also makes me imagine what Portland, Oregon feels like? If you’re a Vampire Weekend, The Drums, The Velvet Underground, Twin Peaks listening fool, try this playlist!

Your girl is still a single bean-which ain’t always too bad-but I still made a little playlist of music I feel would be good in moments of romance. This kind of music makes me wanna go grab my sweetheart and go share a milkshake and catch a drive-in movie while the sun’s setting. It’s also really good to help spark inspiration for my art and writing; so if you’re a Regina Spektor, Slow Hollows, Mac Demarco, Washed Out, The Five Satins listening rapscallion, then this playlist is for you foo!

I’m always adding to these playlists, so if you like what ya hear, always check back to hear new songs just like them. I’ll keep sharing new playlists I make for every occasion and emotion (:.

Keep feeding your earworm.