Last-Minute Diptych

Diptych: a pair of similar images that convey the other to tell a story.


First of all, w0w! I already broke my promise within a week! I had totally forgotten that yesterday was Saturday and my dad had to remind me. Welp, I apologize but here I am with another post- a day late.

For My Freshman Year of High School, Our Final Assignment for Photo Class Was a Self- Portrait Diptych.

And once I actually learned what a diptych was my first idea was 1) RED and 2) Switching my clothes around. At first, I didn’t know where I was going with this and taking a self-portrait was quite difficult to execute, especially since I don’t own tripod. I also was conflicted on doing a glamour shot shoot or a primary color editorial shoot; but being currently obsessed with primary and all colors at the moment, I went with the primary shoot. (I had done something with black paint but we don’t mention that mess…)

My Theme for My Diptych was Self-Doubt.

We only had a short amount of time to make our photos and also be able to go in Photoshop and edit them to actually look like a diptych. I could go on a RANT about Bridge and Photoshop, but that’s for another time. Overall, even though my diptych was VERY last-minute; I think it showed the self-doubt and sometimes how ‘turned-around’ I can feel, while also giving it some pizzazz¬†with the color and clothing. FAIR WARNING THOUGH:¬†it’s really messy but I GOT ER’ DONE SO I’M PROUD.

Au Revoir! Hopefully I’ll actually post on Saturday next time!!




My Natural Year-a 2017 poem

I learned to hate my hair

Before I knew how to love it.

I can’t say for sure

Whether it was the media

or just my self doubts.

I never liked

How big it was

The attention

It would bring

Was embarrassing.

I never understood

Why God would give

Me such a burden

As shallow as it may sound.

I burned my hair

So I could be

The way I thought

Normal was

And even then

I was never happy with how

It looked.

How unnatural it seemed.

It’s been almost a year

Since I’ve decided

To understand how I was


Now I see

Natural hair

As art, a blessing perhaps

That each curl

Holds a sense

Of your personality.

Although I’m able

To be more proud

Of my curls

I still wonder

“How can you

Run your fingers

Through hair

As chaotic as this?”

And I answer that

By saying

Your hands may not run

Easily but they will be


In love

In culture

In acceptance

In hair product

And in curls

That knows where

It should stand.

I will always go

Through stages

Of forgetting

Who I am

But when I do

I must come back to this

To remind myself

How amazing it truly


That day

I started

My natural year.



A curly-headed cutie