Meet Nimbus and Bora: An Art Collab

Every summer I draw and draw and draw. I draw when I wake up, I draw when it’s too hot to go out (so all the time), and I draw before I go to bed. Through sharing my art/thoughts/appearance online, I’ve gotten to meet some really wonderful people around the world who actually want to share ideas with me!

Let me introduce you to Pippa.

We are quite the similar people that are miles apart from one another. She’s a sweet gal who lives in Germany but we clicked on the fact that we both have a passion for creating art and sharing it online. We’ve done an art trade in the past and we’ve actually become pen pals, but Pippa came up with the idea of creating a character together to go along with an OC (original character) of mine.


I created this little cloud lady a couple months ago during art class. I had no idea what to name her then but I now settled on the name Nimbus, as in the scientific name for a very big and fluffy cloud, Cumulonimbus. I thought it would fit her well since I created her to be the ‘master’ of all clouds and such.

Why the detached heads?

I mainly started to draw the majority of my characters like this because: 1) it is SO EASY to draw when you don’t have to worry about abnormal neck length or posture and 2) it gives my art a little accessory for when I feel it can be a bit plain. I also stuck with it because sometimes you can feel mentally detached from everything that you’re doing, and since I like to draw my characters with quite the ‘unamused’ face, it worked quite well. It’s my own little artistic touch (:.

Our finished product!!

Nimbus and BoraTa-da!! This was my final drawing after we put our heads together to create the coordinating character! Pippa mentioned the OC we made, which we decided to name Bora, after the cold and strong wind that blows near Italy, should be a wind character which would work fittingly along with Nimbus. We created Bora as the darker character since wind can either be a comfortable thing or very brisk and in your face. This is only my second attempt at doing digital art so I’m sure that I have much to learn in terms of making it look more ‘professional.’ Creating this with Pippa was such a cool concept and we’re even considering building on this idea and creating even more similar characters to make an entire ‘weather cast’ (((((;;;;.

Thank you again Pippa for always supporting me and being such a wonderful friend to me and I only wish to be the same for you. Please check out Pippa’s art account on her Instagram.  She also her own YouTube channel as well where she will be making an art trade video on us as well!


Hasta luego all you creATEors out there!






Last-Minute Diptych

Diptych: a pair of similar images that convey the other to tell a story.


First of all, w0w! I already broke my promise within a week! I had totally forgotten that yesterday was Saturday and my dad had to remind me. Welp, I apologize but here I am with another post- a day late.

For My Freshman Year of High School, Our Final Assignment for Photo Class Was a Self- Portrait Diptych.

And once I actually learned what a diptych was my first idea was 1) RED and 2) Switching my clothes around. At first, I didn’t know where I was going with this and taking a self-portrait was quite difficult to execute, especially since I don’t own tripod. I also was conflicted on doing a glamour shot shoot or a primary color editorial shoot; but being currently obsessed with primary and all colors at the moment, I went with the primary shoot. (I had done something with black paint but we don’t mention that mess…)

My Theme for My Diptych was Self-Doubt.

We only had a short amount of time to make our photos and also be able to go in Photoshop and edit them to actually look like a diptych. I could go on a RANT about Bridge and Photoshop, but that’s for another time. Overall, even though my diptych was VERY last-minute; I think it showed the self-doubt and sometimes how ‘turned-around’ I can feel, while also giving it some pizzazz with the color and clothing. FAIR WARNING THOUGH: it’s really messy but I GOT ER’ DONE SO I’M PROUD.

Au Revoir! Hopefully I’ll actually post on Saturday next time!!