Too Little, Too Much, Just Enough

Good night everybody! Today’s been quite a weird one, but here I am again almost forgetting about posting on here.

Events have happened currently that have shown me how mortal we truly are.

Of course I’ve thought about death and I guess I just put it in the back of my brain or it was something that I shouldn’t really care about. But with things happening so close to me, it really frightened me. What scared me the most is death does not always happen when you get old. It can happen anytime when your life path is up; when the hourglass is empty; when God decides to tie the end of your lifetime up in a neat, little bow. It’s so weird to think everything about you is let go once you pass. At first it seemed terrifying but now that I think about it, it’s a bit comforting to know that nothing matters in the end. What you wear doesn’t matter, who you talk to, the dumb little conflicts we make for ourselves. I always wonder about those who base every choice of their life on this Earth feel about dying.

Of course thinking about this can cause a spiral of confusion.

I believe it’s good to be knowledgeable about not caring so much in this world about things that will give us strife; but when you do dwell on it (if you’re like me) it can cause a person to become apathetic. It’s kind of like your mind becomes oatmeal and every feeling is mushed together and nothing feels worth sorting out. It also makes me frustrated to see other people care so much about certain things when in REALITY WE ALL JUST GONNA DIE ANYWAY. I’m still in the midst of trying to find that Goldilocks sweet spot of not caring enough and caring too much. Though my state of mind is weird at the moment, I hope I will learn to care ‘just right’ in the future.

Three Cheers for the Future!!









see ya pal




Last-Minute Diptych

Diptych: a pair of similar images that convey the other to tell a story.


First of all, w0w! I already broke my promise within a week! I had totally forgotten that yesterday was Saturday and my dad had to remind me. Welp, I apologize but here I am with another post- a day late.

For My Freshman Year of High School, Our Final Assignment for Photo Class Was a Self- Portrait Diptych.

And once I actually learned what a diptych was my first idea was 1) RED and 2) Switching my clothes around. At first, I didn’t know where I was going with this and taking a self-portrait was quite difficult to execute, especially since I don’t own tripod. I also was conflicted on doing a glamour shot shoot or a primary color editorial shoot; but being currently obsessed with primary and all colors at the moment, I went with the primary shoot. (I had done something with black paint but we don’t mention that mess…)

My Theme for My Diptych was Self-Doubt.

We only had a short amount of time to make our photos and also be able to go in Photoshop and edit them to actually look like a diptych. I could go on a RANT about Bridge and Photoshop, but that’s for another time. Overall, even though my diptych was VERY last-minute; I think it showed the self-doubt and sometimes how ‘turned-around’ I can feel, while also giving it some pizzazz with the color and clothing. FAIR WARNING THOUGH: it’s really messy but I GOT ER’ DONE SO I’M PROUD.

Au Revoir! Hopefully I’ll actually post on Saturday next time!!